His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip, on reaching the grand old age of 90, is every bit the sophisticated gentleman, and the take-no-nonsense modern man, who does not suffer fools.

The Duke is known to be irrascible and outspoken, unafraid to ruffle feathers, but modest to a fault, and most importantly, loyal and supportive of the monarchy and of the Queen.

He sacrificed a life as a seaman, rapidly rising in the hierarchy of the Royal Navy, for the life of the Consort of the Queen, Elizabeth II. He has done a superb job in this role, and has shown himself to be a strong father to his children, and a superb grandfather to his grand-children. His very moving support of his grandsons William and Harry at the time of the death of their mother, showed him to be a very human and caring man as well.

I wish him a very long and more relaxed life, now that he has decided to cut back on his formal duties, and, in his words. to “have some fun!”


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June 10, 2011 · 11:34 am

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