South Africa versus Wales – Rugby World Cup 2011

The titanic battle between the street-wise and ageing Springbok team and the dynamic, motivated but inexperienced Welsh rugby team, was a classic encounter.  It was a game in which the approaches of the two sides were significantly different.

The ‘Bok side seemed to be on the field only to secure a win, and attractive or flowing rugby was simply not on the agenda.

They were outplayed by a Welsh side that seemed intent on showing that they could meet muscle with muscle, strategy with strategy, and skill with skill, and they hoped that in achieving ascendancy over their opponents in these areas, a win would be achieved.

The ‘Boks have the uncanny ability that true champions have, they are able to do just that bit more at a strategic time, to win.  And they did it in the game against Wales.

Within minutes of inspired substitutions being made, the ‘Boks moved up the field to gain an attacking position, then executed a well-planned set piece move that ultimately gave them the game.

It is one of the truisms of sport, that few people will remember how well Wales played in this game, or even what the score was, but they will remember that the Springboks won by one point to move ahead to the next encounter in their pool.

The RWC 2011 holds the promise of many more exciting games.


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