Arab Summer Nothing, Wait for the Western Summer!

Uprisings through the Arab world against corruption, suppression, poverty and poor governance will pale into insignificance against the backlash of people in the western world against greed and corruption in high places.
I watched a television documentary about the background to the 2008 world finance crash, and was appalled at how men in high places in big finance corporations manipulated markets for their personal enrichment, knowing that the victims of their excessive borrowing, and spending of money that they did not have, would be the ordinary man in the street. But the most telling evidence that they not only didn’t care, but were actively targetting the man in the street for his hard-earned money, came in the revelation that big corporations actively bet (they called it insuring themselves) on real estate projects, amongst others, failing, knowing that they would fail because they had set up the projects themselves in such a way that they were bound to fail. So we had a scenario in which ordinary people were  persuaded by big, well-known corporations, to part with their money to participate in financial projects that had been set up specifically so that they would fail. The big corporations then insured their businesses against the failure, and raked in huge profits when the failures happened.

This type of exploitation of the ordinary working man and woman was so widespread, that it extended to the very top of state institutions in the USA, whose senior executives raked in bonuses or hand-outs (bribes) to turn blind eyes on the transgressions.

The corruption and greed was astounding, but it was the complicity of the US government in the acts, that will see the rise of the people against the failed capitalist experiment in the western world.


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