A new e-book outlet

Authors of e-books quickly discover that marketing their books online is a far more time-consuming, and sometimes onerous task than writing the book in the first place. Whilst the notion of having a book out in cyberspace for anyone to find, is appealing, and carries a low price tag in comparison with that of hard-cover books, there are just so many e-books out there, that directing buyers to your offering, is pretty daunting.
Which is why a good marketing campaign is needed. But that is not all that is needed. Placing your book in the full view of readers, in as many reputable places as possible, is also good.
Bibliocracy is a new site where e-books can be bought and sold. It is pretty new, but seems to be quite straight-forward in both buying and selling.

For e-book authors it is worth giving this organisation a try in addition to the other e-book outlets that are available.
Take a look at them on:


You have nothing to lose.


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