Nelson Mandela – Hero or Villain?

Opinions are divided on whether the god-like status of one-time military activist Nelson Mandela is a hero and peace-maker, or a villainous terrorist who has been ‘sanitised’ by the international community.

An article in a local UK newspaper, by columnist Seamus Milne, makes some telling points to support his own view that under current US, UK and European laws, the leaders of the present ANC hierarchy, including most ministers in the South African Government, would have been jailed for supporting the armed campaign against the Nationalist Government of South Africa. They would have been jailed as terrorists.

It is a little-known fact, that even after his release from prison in 1990, Nelson Mandela remained a supporter of the armed struggle against the SA Government, and that he knew, and supported, the illegal importation of weapons into the country to be used against the government. It is for this stance in the modern world, that Nelson Mandela would have been branded a terrorist  by the UK and USA. Yet such were the double-standards applied by the myopic and selectively self-serving politicians of the world, that they turned a blind eye, and once again supported a terrorist into power. Shades of Gadaffi!

No less a person than Margaret Thatcher branded Mandela a terrorist, and the current PM of the UK, David Cameron, attended pro-apartheid events that vilified the armed struggle by the ANC.

There is no longer consistency in how morals are applied on this messed-up planet, and today’s hero rapidly becomes a villain, becomes yesterday’s hero.


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