The somewhat naive and immature beliefs from my childhood have taken a serious battering in the last four or five years. Take British politicians. As an impressionable young boy living in a British federation in Africa, Westminster and the politicians who stalked its halls and corridors, were people whom I admired and looked up to. How wrong I was. The beautiful buildings that house the seat of government are still impressive and unique, but the politicians are not. They are the same as politicians everywhere, self-serving, not vaguely interested in the people who vote them in, and they have been shown to also be corrupt.

Then we have the ‘Church,’ that institution that I once believed to be where people with high morals served god and his people. Wrong again. At the highest level, the moral leaders have sexually abused young people who were entrusted to them. And the religious leaders who are meant to be role-models, and representatives of their god, have covered up the abuse. Another myth busted.
And what about the likes of Rolf Harris, that clean-living, somewhat cheesy figure who charmed us, and who had the temerity to stand in Buckingham Palace, in the presence of the Queen, talking to her, painting her image, as an abuser of young girls. He lusted after, pursued, and had an affair with a girl who is the age of his own daughter, one who was her friend. What a sick man he is.
Tony Blair talked confidently, projected a positive and polished image, but he is, in reality, a war-mongering liar, one who without thought, sent his soldiers to die for a cause that he lied about. And he’s still lying about it. Bared-faced and without remorse.
Every day we hear about how rotten the world has become, and I, for one, feel ashamed about the abuse of young kids, about the treatment to which women were subjected by the men of my generation, and I hang my head at the shattering of my beliefs, and at the type of world that we are leaving behind for our children.


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