British Values

An Australian Prime Minister is on public record of having said that foreign immigrants who comply with the rules of immigration, are welcome in Australia, provided that they live and act according to Australian, not foreign social norms and values.
In past months, a furore has erupted in England, in which Muslims have staged clandestine and insidious take-overs of schools, with the view to promoting Muslim, not English, values and beliefs. Now the so-called leaders of the country, Cameron, Gove, et al, are saying what the Australian PM said many years ago, namely, if you live and work here, and go to school here, you should do so under British norms, and with British, not Muslim, values. They are correct in saying so.
Surely these so-called leaders aren’t so naive that can’t see obvious problems, that are right under their noses, and have to wait for a crisis to arise before they start to take their country back? Surely they can’t endlessly hide behind the inane excuse that ‘lessons have been learnt,’ as their reasons for being out of touch and ineffectual in maintaining British Value?


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