It’s all a load of cobblers.

I have been reading what promised to be an interesting book on science. It promised to broadly, but clearly, answer questions about weighty matters, in simple terms. And for the most part, it has done so. But what it has done above all else, is to show how the mystique that has surrounded some of the ‘stuff’ that sets physicists apart from mere mortals, is not justified. Take quantum physics. There is a body of physicists who study quantum mechanics, who try to explain ‘stuff’ in terms of quantum physics. The concepts are so complicated, the equations and theories so involved and multidisciplinary, that these quantum disciples are held in awe, are held up as being the smartest, most intelligent beings to have ever lived.
I started reading the simple explanations about the things that quantum physicists believe, and which they use to explain previously-unexplained phenomenon. It took less than five minutes for me to realise that here was just another big con, another case of talking things so big, that people will simply believe it, because a quantum physicist said it. Like the notion that an atom, for example, is nearly always in three or more places at a time, and that it is only observation that places it in a distinct place. So said atom, call it George, can be here where I am, there where you are, and also somewhere else, all at the same time, and only when I look at it, ie, observe it, will it actually be here, where I am. If no-one looks at it, it will be in multiple places, all at the same time. And so on.
This type of childish drivel is what the quantum physicist believe in. Parallel worlds that exist, side-by-side, with the same things and people in them, but different in small ways. Like a sliced cake. So in close proximity to me and my little world where I am sitting and writing, is a parallel world, where I am also sitting and writing, where my cup of coffee is also on the desk, and the messy pile of papers on the desk also exists. But it is different in small ways, that will only be seen by my mate Andrew, when he barges into my office at looks at me. If my wife Carol barges in, she’ll see me in a parallel world to the one that Andrew saw, the same, but different.
This type of nonsense is what the intellectual physicists around us, come up with in their ‘research.’ A load of cobblers. They make up gobbleygook nonsense when they can’t come up with credible science, when despite the millions that they spend, they fail to answer fundamental questions. They fall into the world of science fiction, but sell it big, so that gullible people will believe it. Take the Higgs boson particle. In theory it explains things that the physicists can’t explain, so they built a multi-billion dollar piece of kit called the Large Hadron Collider, to find something that can be described as follows. “Despite being present everywhere, the existence of the Higgs field is very hard to confirm. It can be detected through its excitations (i.e. Higgs particles), but these are extremely hard to produce and detect.”
So even when they find it (stop-press – they think they’ve found something that behaves like it, but they can’t be sure) they won’t know that it is what it is.
What a load of old cobblers!


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