Site Map

Welcome to my pages about writing. They are still in their infancy, and will continue to be works in progress for some time.

Visit My Memoirs to read my thoughts on a variety of subjects, including short memoirs and articles that might be of interest.

Ghosting and Writing provides details of my writing business, and links to sites where my books, articles, novellas, short stories and memoirs can be found. You will also find details of the writing services that I offer, and prices. Please feel free to browse, and to contact me for a free, no obligation quote for work that you need done, or for a free sample of work that I have done.

In My Books you will find lists of my publications, and short descriptions of each one.

My Free E-books contains details and links of short works that I have posted on the free e-book site Obooko. Please visit the site and download, with my compliments, one of my free e-books. Read it online or print it out to read it later.

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope that you will enjoy browsing.!


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